Gabrielle Fischer Horvath

Gabrielle Fischer Horvath

Painting With Bronze

These lifesize figurative sculptures hold the magic of working with fluid molten metals in a unique method of application.

Gabrielle’s experience at various foundries throughout North America sparked a vision that became reality through the help of artist and mentor Bill Jurgenson. Gabrielle’s original life-size figurative works in gypsum and resin were the models for transitioning those figures into sand molds. Once the sand molds are prepared, molten metal was applied freehand and layered into the negative space. The overlapping layers created a topographic landscape of color and surface variations.

Prepared with the highest quality art bronze and heat-activated patinas.

A powerful life-size sculpture created partially by taking a direct impression of an African elephant. Gabrielle’s vision is a one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture…

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